Relation between the Lyman-α Emission and Absorption Lines of Quasar Pairs
LI You-bing, LÜ Lian-zhong, PENG Qing-song
2008, 5(4): 323-329.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the Aperture Photometry for Blazar
HONG Shan-wei, ZHOU Shu-bai, CHEN luo-en
2008, 5(4): 330-336.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Broad-band Spectral Indeices of Gamma-ray-loud Blazars
TANG ling, ZHANG Hao-jing, ZHENG Yong-gang, PENG Zhao-yang, ZHANG xiong
2008, 5(4): 337-348.
Abstract PDF
Detection of Faint Objects in Multiple-star Systems with High-resolution Image Reconstruction Techniques
ZHANG Xi-liang, LIU zhong, QIAN Sheng-bang
2008, 5(4): 349-354.
Abstract PDF
The Observational Programs and Practical Star Catalogue for the Triangular Monitoring Network of Abnormal Change in the Longitude and Latitude of an Observing Station
TIE Qiong-xian, LIN Hui, YANG Lei, MAO Wei
2008, 5(4): 355-359.
Abstract PDF
The Instruments and Instrumental-error Evaluation Method for the Triangular Monitoring Network of Abnormal Changes in the Longitude and Latitude of an Observing Station
TIE Qiong-xian, LIN Hui, YANG Lei, MAO Wei
2008, 5(4): 360-364.
Abstract PDF
The Storage and Management of the Scientific Data for Chinese Lunar Exploration Project
ZHU Lan, ZUO Wei, LI Chun-lai
2008, 5(4): 365-372.
Abstract PDF
The Design of a Closed-loop Control System for a Antenna Array
HE Jun-bo, YAN Yi-hua, LIU Fei, CHANG Huan
2008, 5(4): 373-379.
Abstract PDF
The Study of the Application of Image Compression Based on Wavelet Transformation in Astronomical Remote Observation
LI Long, DAI Hong-Bing, XU Jun
2008, 5(4): 380-385.
Abstract PDF
Research and Development of the Dome/Slit Control System for the 85cm Reflector of NOAC-BNU
LU Dong-ning, HUANG Lei, CHEN Ying-wei, WEI Jian-yan
2008, 5(4): 386-391.
Abstract PDF
Displaying FITS Images by Programs in Windows/VC++
PENG Qing-song, LI You-bing
2008, 5(4): 392-397.
Abstract PDF
The Observation of Seeing at the No.2 Site in Gaomeigu
GUO Rui, YANG Lei, ZHAI Dong-sheng, ZHOU Yu, LI Yin-kang, XIONG Yao-heng
2008, 5(4): 398-403.
Abstract PDF
Meteorological Conditions at the Astronomical Candidate Sites in Oma, Tibet and Kalasu, Pamirs
WANG Ji-chang, YAO Yong-qiang, YANG Guo-an
2008, 5(4): 404-414.
Abstract PDF
A Method for Observing and Counting Day-time Cloud Amounts in an Astronomical Site Survey
SHI Yang, YAO Yong-qiang, LIU Li-yong
2008, 5(4): 415-419.
Abstract PDF
Test of the Tidal Effect on Great Earthquakes All Over the World
HU Hui, HAN Yan-ben, YIN Zhi-qiang
2008, 5(4): 420-423.
Abstract PDF

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