The Present and Future of an SLR System Built Under theCooperation between China and Argentina
LIU Wei-dong, HAN Yan-ben, R. Podesta, WANG Tan-qiang, E. Actis, E. Alonso, ZHAO Li-min, LIU Cheng-zhi, A. M. Pacheco, A. A. Gonzalez
2009, 6(1): 1-7.
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Analysis of Anisoplanatic Errors in Adaptive Optical Systems Based on Natural Guiding Stars
ZHOU Yu, XIONG Yao-heng
2009, 6(1): 8-12.
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Study on the Characteristic of Laser Ranging Based on Diffuse Reflection
ZHAI Dong-sheng, FU Hong-lin, HE Shao-hui, ZHENG Xiang-ming, LI Zhu-lian, LI Yu-qiang, XIONG Yao-heng
2009, 6(1): 13-19.
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Photometry of Stretched Stellar Images from Observations of Space Debris
LIU Jia-jia, SUI Cheng-hua, TANG Yi-jun, JIANG Xiao-jun
2009, 6(1): 20-23.
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Motion Trajectory of a Geostationary Satellite in theCoordinate System Wobbling with a Buoy
MA Li-hua, HAN Yan-ben, QIAO Qi-yuan, SHI Hu-li
2009, 6(1): 24-27.
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Theoretical Calculation of the Field-of-view Rotation Angles for the 1.2m Altazimuth Telescope in the Yunnan Observatory
JU Qing-hua, LI Yu-qiang, XIONG Yao-heng
2009, 6(1): 28-35.
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Design of Reaction Mass Dampers in the Suspension for the FAST Focus Cabin
SUN Jing-hai, ZHU Wen-bai, NAN Ren-dong
2009, 6(1): 36-42.
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The Effect of Uncertainty in Defocus Distance on the Wave-frontReconstruction with the Phase-diversity Algorithm
YANG Lei, LIU Zhong, JIN Zhen-yu, YU Xue-gang
2009, 6(1): 43-50.
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The FPGA Realization of a DDC System Based on Analytical-signalProcessing and Its Application in Astronomy
2009, 6(1): 51-56.
Abstract PDF
Design and Manufacture of a Low-noise S-Band Dual-polarization Receiver
CHEN Yong, SUN Zheng-wen, YANG Ying
2009, 6(1): 57-62.
Abstract PDF
The Manipulation of Instruments and Information in an Observation of Total Solar Eclipse
WU Guang-jie
2009, 6(1): 63-72.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of the New Year's Day of the Pu-mi Ethnic Group
LI Wei-bao, LI Hai-ying
2009, 6(1): 73-75.
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Discussion on the Meaning and Origin of the Names for the Twelve Star Orders in China
LI Wei-bao, CHEN Jiu-jin
2009, 6(1): 76-81.
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