An Analysis of Quasar Mid-Infrared Spectra
Xie Yanxia, Shang Zhaohui
2011, 8(3): 205-212.
Abstract PDF
A Measurement of the Average Longitudinal Development Profile of UHECR Air Showers by the HiRes Experiment
Zhang Bingkai
2011, 8(3): 213-219.
Abstract PDF
Optimal Designs of the Structure Configuration of the Two-Axis Steering Mechanism of the FAST
Zhang Xinyu, Li Hui, Yang Shimo
2011, 8(3): 220-228.
Abstract PDF
Scientific Objectives and Technical Design of a Meter-Wave Spectrometer for Solar Radio Observation
Shi Shuobiao, Dong Liang, Gao Guannan, Wang Min, Xia Zhiguo
2011, 8(3): 229-235.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of a VLBI MK5B Channel Check Software
Zhu Xinying, Zhang Hongbo, Li Chunlai
2011, 8(3): 236-241.
Abstract PDF
A Holography Receiver System
Wang Jinqing, Liang Shiguang, Wang Peng, Fan Qingyuan, Yu Linfeng, Gou Wei, Xia Bo, Jiang Yongbin, Xiao Ying, Gao Liaorong, Hu Ali
2011, 8(3): 242-247.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Designs of World's Solar Radio Telescopes
Ji Guoshu, Liu Yuying, Wang Wei, Tan Chengming, Tan Baolin, Huang Chongxi, Liu Rongjun, Zhang Yuecheng
2011, 8(3): 248-254.
Abstract PDF
Precision Orbit Determination of LEO Satellites Using the Software BERNESE 5.0
Wang Chu, Hu Xiaogong, Guo Peng
2011, 8(3): 255-261.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Models of Atmospheric Refraction with SLR Observations
Zhu Li, Wu Bin
2011, 8(3): 262-267.
Abstract PDF
The Correction of Pointing of a 1m SLR Telescope
Zhu Qingsheng, Chen Weimin, Wu Jinhu
2011, 8(3): 268-271.
Abstract PDF
Design of User Interfaces for the LAMOST Observatory Control System
Dong Jian, Wang Jian, Deng Xiaochao, Liu Guangcao, Jin Ge
2011, 8(3): 272-278.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of the General Control of the CCD Cameras on the LAMOST
Deng Xiaochao, Wang Jian, Dong Jian, Liu Guangcao, Yuan Hailong, Jin Ge
2011, 8(3): 279-284.
Abstract PDF
Processing Unit of a Correlation Tracking System Based on an RTAI Real-Time Operating System
Yang Jingwen, Chen Shanqiu, Rao Changhui, Xiong Yaoheng
2011, 8(3): 285-292.
Abstract PDF
Simulation and Analysis of Signal-to-Noise Ratios for Statistics of Speckle Interferometry
Xiang Yongyuan, Jin Zhenyu
2011, 8(3): 293-297.
Abstract PDF
Study of a Hartmann Wavefront Sensor Sytem for Solar Observation
Li Xiaoxin, Wang Sen
2011, 8(3): 298-305.
Abstract PDF
Design and Implementation of a FITS File Manager
Fan Dongwei, Cui Chenzhou, Zhao Yongheng
2011, 8(3): 306-314.
Abstract PDF
Application of Photogrammetry with Separate Targets to the LAMOST
Li Ming, Wang Gang
2011, 8(3): 315-322.
Abstract PDF

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