The Exact Solutions of Distribution of the Density of Material in A Relativistic Polytrope with A Compact Core
Zhou Yuan, Xie Guangzhong, Wang Xugui, Tian Xingshi, Chen Lin
1987, 0(1): 1-6.
Abstract PDF
The Cosmology Effect of Dust
Wu Jianxin, Xie Guangzhong
1987, 0(1): 7-12.
Abstract PDF
To Build Up the Inertial Coordinate System with A CCD (Ⅴ) Experiment for Measuring the Relative Positions of Galaxies with Respect to the Reference Stars
Guo Xinjian, Xu Shui, Wu Guangjie, Lu Ruwei, Mao Wei
1987, 0(1): 13-23.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Determining Stellar Position And ERP with the Stellar Interferometer (Ⅰ)——Synopsis of All Kinds of the Interferometers
Li Chen
1987, 0(1): 24-32.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Determining Stellar Positions And ERP With the Stellar Interferometer (Ⅱ)——Geometric Principles
Li Chen, Mao Wei
1987, 0(1): 33-49.
Abstract PDF
Analysis of Determining Stellar Positions And ERP with the Stellar Interferometer (Ⅲ)——Achieving of the Observed Quantity τ
Li Chen
1987, 0(1): 50-56.
Abstract PDF
Designing Indices And Block Diagram of A Metre-wave Solar Radio Spectral Receiver
Wang Jingsheng
1987, 0(1): 57-59.
Abstract PDF
Improvement of the Performance of the Digital Acousto-Optic Spectrograph
Xia Zhiguo, Jiang Suyun, Chen Jingying
1987, 0(1): 60-64.
Abstract PDF
Program Design for Spectral Observations of Type Ⅰ Solar Radio Bursts
Chen Jingying, Xia Zhiguo
1987, 0(1): 65-70.
Abstract PDF
The Interpolation of Data Reduction for Photographic Plates Observed by SBG
Wang Jingso, Sha Chaohu
1987, 0(1): 71-76.
Abstract PDF
The Avtomatic Selection of Star And Data Processing on the Computer PDP-11/23
Wang Jingso, Wang Wu
1987, 0(1): 77-82.
Abstract PDF
The Double-Precision Foundation Functions of the Z-80 Microcomputer YEE8100 on BASIC Ⅱ Condition
Wu Guangjie, Shi Wenmin
1987, 0(1): 83-88.
Abstract PDF
Site Test for Observations of Large-Scale Phenomena of Comet Halley in Southern Yunnan
Wu Mingchan, Qiu Puzhan, Qian Tongling, Yu Jianming
1987, 0(1): 89-95.
Abstract PDF
Observations of Large-Scale Phenomena During 1985/86 Apparition of Comet Halley at Yunnan Observatory
Qiu Puzhang, Wu Mingchan, Zhang Ying, Wang Chaodong, Wang Shichong
1987, 0(1): 96-101.
Abstract PDF
The Ground-Based Spectrophotometry of Solar Radiation and Its Application
Zhong Lingsheng, Shan Yong, Qiu Zhengliu
1987, 0(1): 102-110.
Abstract PDF
The Experimental Observations for the Spectrohe-liogram of Solar D2 Line
Xuan Jiayu, Zhang Qin
1987, 0(1): 111-113.
Abstract PDF
Report On the Experimental Checking the Near Infrared Detector System
Zhang Yun, Xie Guangzhong, Lu Ruwei, Xue Nanping, Sun Juan, Zen Guangli
1987, 0(1): 114-120.
Abstract PDF
Technigue And Calculation for the Improvement of the transmission System in the Four-Axis Telescope
Yu Jianming
1987, 0(1): 121-135.
Abstract PDF
Introduction for Research on the Relation Between Solar Activity and Seism
Luo Baorong
1987, 0(1): 136-145.
Abstract PDF

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