The Peak Energy Distribution of the νFν Spectra in the Rest Frame
Cheng Zaijun, Lin Yiqing
2016, 13(4): 389-391.
Abstract PDF
Commentary on Three-dimensional Dust Monte-Carlo Radiative Transfer Models
Zhu Jiali
2016, 13(4): 392-399.
Abstract PDF
A Study of Differential Phase Delay of CE-3 based on Chinese VLBI Network
Zheng Xin, Liu Qinghui, Wu Yajun, He Qingbao, Li Peijia, Huang Yong, Zhou Weili
2016, 13(4): 400-407.
Abstract PDF
A Study on the Measurements and Improvements of Pointing Accuracy of Jiamusi 66m Radio Telescope
Yu Yezhao, Han Lei, Zhou Shuang, Yu Ye, Zhang Jianhui, Peng Lingxiang, Tang Deyu, Han Jinlin
2016, 13(4): 408-415.
Abstract PDF
Detection Capability Analysis of Space Debris Laser Ranging
Yu Huanhuan, Gao Pengqi, Shen Ming, Guo Xiaozhong, Yang Datao, Zhao You
2016, 13(4): 416-421.
Abstract PDF
An Analysis of TT & C Station Selection of iHCO Satellite in CAPS
Xu Xiaojun, Ma Lihua, Lin Rongchao, Ai Guoxiang
2016, 13(4): 422-427.
Abstract PDF
A Calculation Method of Linear Polarization Angle for Antenna on Satellite Communication Ground Station
Ma Lihua, Hu Chao, Mao Xinhong, Pang Feng, Pei Jun
2016, 13(4): 428-432.
Abstract PDF
A Comparative Study of Static Pseudorange Single Point Positioning by Double Frequency between BDS and GPS
Lu Weijun, Wan Qingtao, Fan Jiangtao, Zhang Jie, Wang Xiaolan, Li Jinghua, Ma Guanyi
2016, 13(4): 433-440.
Abstract PDF
Enhancing the Prediction Accuracy of the Length of Day Change by Eliminating the Edge-effect of Least Squares Fitting
Lei Yu, Cai Hongbing
2016, 13(4): 441-445.
Abstract PDF
Stray-light Research for the CaⅡ Channel of Multi-Wavelength Spectrometer of the 1m New Vaccum Solar Telescope
Han Xiao, Xu Zhi, Li Zhenggang, Jin Zhenyu
2016, 13(4): 446-454.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Correction Methods for Atmospheric Phase Perturbation of Antenna Array in Deep-space Exploration
Zhang Kai, Kong Deqing
2016, 13(4): 455-463.
Abstract PDF
A Review of Planet Rovers' Terrain Reconstruction
Wang Xiaoyan, LiuJianjun, Zhang Wuming, Ren Xin, Wang Wenrui
2016, 13(4): 464-472.
Abstract PDF
Data Retrieval from Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory's Pulsar Data Archive
Zhang Hailong, Markus Demleitner, Wang Na, Yuan Jianping, Nie Jun, Wang Jie
2016, 13(4): 473-480.
Abstract PDF
A Square Grid Structure for Target Detection of Solar Activities
Li Weijiang, Qi Xin, Wang Feng
2016, 13(4): 481-488.
Abstract PDF
Research on the Consistency of FITS Data in the Process of Distributed Real-time Storage
Liang Bo, Chen Tengda, Yu Konglin, Liu Yingbo, Deng Hui, Liu Cuiyin, Wang Feng
2016, 13(4): 489-497.
Abstract PDF
A Study of the Axial Defocusing of Tianma P-band Radio Telescope
Liang Zhangang, Li Bin, Sun Xin, Jia Ru
2016, 13(4): 498-505.
Abstract PDF
A Design and Implementation of Domain-specific Ontology of Astronomy
Wang Jie, Zhang Hailong, Aili Yusup, Tohtonur
2016, 13(4): 506-513.
Abstract PDF

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