An Example of the Correlation Between Energetic X-ray Flares and the Proper Motion of the Sunspots——The Analysis of Boulder Active Region 1994 (YAR 79455)
Zhang Heng
1981, 0(S1): 1-8.
Abstract PDF
Sunspot Group No.184 in April 1980 and the Flare on April 7 in 1980
Zhu Zuyan
1981, 0(S1): 9-12.
Abstract PDF
The Large Flare on July 14 in 1980 and the Velocity Field
Xuan Jiayu, Gu Xiaoma, Li Weibao, Xu Aoao, Tang Yuhua
1981, 0(S1): 13-19.
Abstract PDF
A 3B Flare on SePt.8 in 1980 and Its Mass Ejection
Shi Zhongxian, Zhang Guiqing
1981, 0(S1): 20-24.
Abstract PDF
The Analysis of A Radio Burst on Sept.8 in 1980
Zhao Renyang, Fu Qijum
1981, 0(S1): 25-28.
Abstract PDF
A Big Complex Microwave Burst——Solar Radio Burst on Oct. 14 in 1980
Fu Qijun, Zhao Renyang
1981, 0(S1): 29-36.
Abstract PDF
A 3B Fiare in a Spotless Region on Oct. 15 in 1980
Shi Zhongxian, Chen Chuanle
1981, 0(S1): 37-43.
Abstract PDF
The Morphological Analysis of Sunspot Group No.569 and the Flares in November 1980
Li Suchuan, Li Zhi, Wang Hongzhao
1981, 0(S1): 44-49.
Abstract PDF
Morphological Analysis and Magnetic Energy Variations of Active Region No. 431
Wu Qindi, Xu Zhentao
1981, 0(S1): 50-54.
Abstract PDF
Some Dynamic Characteristics of the 2B Flare on May 16 in 1981
Shi Zungxian, Chen Chuanle
1981, 0(S1): 55-59.
Abstract PDF
The Flares of Spotless Regions
Luo Baorong
1981, 0(S1): 60-69.
Abstract PDF
The Relation Between Strong X-ray Events and the Features of Active Regions in the Solar Maximum Period
Zhang Bairong, Zhang Heng
1981, 0(S1): 70-76.
Abstract PDF
Multi-Wavelength Spectral Observations of Solar Flares at Purple Mountain Observatory
Group of Flare Spectrum Observations of Purple Mountain Observatory
1981, 0(S1): 77-81.
Abstract PDF
Spectroheliographic Observations
Jiang Minhan, Sen Ruchi, Fan Zhunyu, Zhao Dinli
1981, 0(S1): 82-84.
Abstract PDF
the Production of The Spectroheiiogram of Solar D2 Line
Xuan Jiayu, Li Zhi
1981, 0(S1): 85-88.
Abstract PDF
A Method of Magnifying Solar Chromospheric Images
Liu Zizhong
1981, 0(S1): 89-92.
Abstract PDF
The Summary of the Forecasts of Solar Activities During the SMY of Cycle 21
Luo Baorong, Zhang Bairong, Liu Zhihuang
1981, 0(S1): 93-99.
Abstract PDF
The Synthetic Solar Activity Predictions from 1978 to 1980
Dong Shilun, Tang Baisheng
1981, 0(S1): 100-104.
Abstract PDF
1981, 0(S1): 105-109.
Abstract PDF
1981, 0(S1): 110-115.
Abstract PDF
The Initial Results of the Site Test for a Tower Solar Telescope
Qian Tongling, Li Qiusha, Liu Zhihuang, Zhang Qin
1981, 0(S1): 116-130.
Abstract PDF
A Sunspot Group Which Rapidly Emerged on April 5 in 1980
Hong Qinfang, Ding Youji, Luan Di
1981, 0(S1): 131-131.
Abstract PDF
A Complex of Three Spot Groups with Only a Few Flares and X-Ray Events
Zhang Bairong, Hong Qinfang
1981, 0(S1): 132-133.
Abstract PDF
A Bright Mass Ejection On the Solar Disk on 1980 October 14
Shi Zhongxian
1981, 0(S1): 134-135.
Abstract PDF
A Large Spot Group of Active Region YR80-575
Wu Mingchan, Li Zikai
1981, 0(S1): 136-137.
Abstract PDF
The Motion of the Flare Loop prominence On April 27 in 1981
Gu Xiaoma, Li Suchuan, Li Zhi, Li Boshu
1981, 0(S1): 138-139.
Abstract PDF
Hα Observation of the Great Eruptive Loop-Prominence on the Western Limb on April 27 in 1981
Hu Fumin, Cao Tianjing, Xie Gaofeng
1981, 0(S1): 140-142.
Abstract PDF
The Observed Characteristics of a Radio Outburst on the Solar Limb
Zhou Aihua, Sun Jiuzhen, Gu Zhongyuan
1981, 0(S1): 143-145.
Abstract PDF
Ha Observation of the Great Two-Ribbon Flare of May 16 in 1981
Hu Fumin, Su Qingrui, Xie Gaofeng, Cao Tianjun, Song Mutao
1981, 0(S1): 146-148.
Abstract PDF
The Axial Distribution of the Rotational Velocity of a Sunspot Filament
Li Boshu, Gu Xiaoma, Ding Youji
1981, 0(S1): 149-149.
Abstract PDF
The Distribution of the Spiral Spots on the solar Disk
Ding Youji, Wang Hongzhao, Hong Qinfang
1981, 0(S1): 150-150.
Abstract PDF
The Sunspot Activity During SMY
Observatory of Beijing Planetarium
1981, 0(S1): 151-153.
Abstract PDF
The Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis of Solar Proton Events of Cycle XX
Bian Yulin, Tang Baisheng, Shi Zhongxian
1981, 0(S1): 154-154.
Abstract PDF
Statistical Property of Logrithmic Flare Indices; Distribution and Evolution
Dong Shilun
1981, 0(S1): 155-156.
Abstract PDF
Some Dynamical Effects of a Sunspot Magnetic Flux Ring
Zhou Daoqi, Qian Jingkui
1981, 0(S1): 157-157.
Abstract PDF
The Possible Storage Processes of the Magnetic Energy in Solar Flares
Li Zhongyuan, Hu Wenrui
1981, 0(S1): 158-159.
Abstract PDF
The Accelerating Motion of Solar Coronal Loops (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)
Liu Xinping
1981, 0(S1): 160-162.
Abstract PDF
The Kinematical Features of a Force-Free Magnetic Field
Hu Wenrui, Li Zhongyuan
1981, 0(S1): 163-164.
Abstract PDF

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