LAMOST Project and Its Scientific Goals
Zhao Yongheng
1999, 0(S1): 1-7.
Abstract PDF
Korean Participation in the Galex Ultraviolet Space Telescope Project
Young Wook Lee
1999, 0(S1): 8-10.
Abstract PDF
The Active Participation of ASIAA in the SMA Project
Chi Yuan
1999, 0(S1): 11-17.
Abstract PDF
Site Testing at the Gaomeigu Village
Tan Huisong, Zhang Bairong
1999, 0(S1): 18-23.
Abstract PDF
The NCU Lu-Lin Observatory and its Future Direction
Wean Shun Tsay, Kuang Hsiang Chang, Huan Hsin Li
1999, 0(S1): 24-30.
Abstract PDF
Subaru Telescope: Construction and First Light
Kaifu, N. Noumaru, J.
1999, 0(S1): 31-32.
Abstract PDF
Large MM and Sub-MM Array Project and International Collaboration
Nakai, N.
1999, 0(S1): 33-34.
Abstract PDF
Laser Interferometer for Detection of Gravitational Wave-TAMA-300
Kozai, Yoshihide, TAMA Team
1999, 0(S1): 35-35.
Abstract PDF
Large Sky Area Multi-object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope(LAMOST)
Su Dingqiang, Cui Xiangqun, Wang Yanan, Yao Zhengqiu
1999, 0(S1): 36-40.
Abstract PDF
LAMOST Instrument:4000 Fiber Low Resolution Spectroscopy
Wang Gang
1999, 0(S1): 41-43.
Abstract PDF
Infrared/Optical Photopolarimeter with Linear Arrays
Shuji Sato
1999, 0(S1): 44-50.
Abstract PDF
A Millimeter-Wave Radio Telescope Project at Seoul National University
Koo Bon Chul
1999, 0(S1): 51-52.
Abstract PDF
An Universal Birefringent Filter Developed for Japan
Li Ting, Mao Weijun, Lu Haitian
1999, 0(S1): 53-56.
Abstract PDF
PRL Near Infrared Camera NICMOS-3
U. C Joshi, S. Ganesh, K. S. Baliyan, N. M. Vadher, A. B. Shah
1999, 0(S1): 57-62.
Abstract PDF
Adaptive Optics System and Its Application Predictions at 1.2m Telescope of Yunnan Observatory
Xiong Yaoheng, Jiang Chongguo, Wang Wu, Zheng Xianming, Zhang Yuncheng, Feng Hesheng
1999, 0(S1): 63-67.
Abstract PDF
The 3-channel High-Speed Photometer at Beijing Astronomical Observatory
Jiang Xiaojun
1999, 0(S1): 68-71.
Abstract PDF
Kiso Multi-Fiber Spectroscope Project
Yasushi Yadoumaru, Nobunari Itoh
1999, 0(S1): 72-76.
Abstract PDF
HIDES: a High Dispersion Echelle Spectrograph
Hideyuki Izumiura
1999, 0(S1): 77-81.
Abstract PDF
Dual Channel SIS Receiver of Trao Telescope
Jong Ae Park, Seog Tae Han, Tai Seong Kim, Kwang Dong Kim, Hyo Ryoung Kim, Hyun Soo Chung, Jae Hoon Jung, Chang Hoon Lee, Se Hyung Cho, Jongmann Yang
1999, 0(S1): 82-85.
Abstract PDF
Quasioptical System of Trao Telescope
Jong Ae Park, Seog Tae Han, Tai Seong Kim, Kwang Dong Kim, Hyo Ryoung Kim, Hyun Soo Chung, Chang Hoon Lee, Se Hyung Cho, Jongmann Yang
1999, 0(S1): 86-89.
Abstract PDF
Protection of Radio Astronomy Frequency in China
Wu Shengyin
1999, 0(S1): 90-93.
Abstract PDF
Schemes for Segmenting the Main Reflector of the FAST
Su Y, Zheng Y, Peng B
1999, 0(S1): 94-97.
Abstract PDF
Striving to Enlarge the Sky Coverage of the FAST
Wu Shengyin
1999, 0(S1): 98-102.
Abstract PDF
The Necessity of a High-grade Telescope for Education and Future Research Activities in the Philippines
C. P. Celebre, M. Sc
1999, 0(S1): 103-108.
Abstract PDF
Development of a Multi KD* P Controller
Y. D. Park, U. W. Nam, Y. J. Moon, H. Y. Kim
1999, 0(S1): 109-113.
Abstract PDF
Evaluation For Drive Precision of Large Telescope
Xia Lixin
1999, 0(S1): 114-119.
Abstract PDF
Near-Infrared Solar Electric Field Telescope
Song Guofeng
1999, 0(S1): 120-123.
Abstract PDF
The NAIRC Solar Instruments for the Observatories and Institutes Outside China Continent
Li Ting
1999, 0(S1): 124-126.
Abstract PDF
Fastness and Homogeneous Character of Coating Film on Big Telescope
Qin Songnian, Li Rufeng, Gao Cai
1999, 0(S1): 127-129.
Abstract PDF
Presentation on the Electronic Control System of Space Solar Telescope
Zhang Bin, Li Wei, Song Guofeng, Jin Shengzhen
1999, 0(S1): 130-133.
Abstract PDF
Re-Discussion on Motion of Shanghai VLBI Station Relative to Eurasian Plate From VLBI
Yang Zhigen, Zhu Wenyao, Xiong Yongqing, Zhang Qiang
1999, 0(S1): 134-138.
Abstract PDF
An Interpretation of a Radiation Damage Phenomenon of the Solar-ACCD
Song Qian, Cao Wenda
1999, 0(S1): 139-142.
Abstract PDF
The Network and Its Application for the Solar Radio SpectralTelescope at Yunnan Observatory
Chen Jingying, Xia Zhiguo, Cao Ying, Wang Shuhao, Jin Zhenyu, Wang Min
1999, 0(S1): 143-146.
Abstract PDF
The Seeing Observation at Gaomeigu Station
Liu Zizhong, Luan Di, Shang Qiongzhen
1999, 0(S1): 147-152.
Abstract PDF
SiteTesting with IRA-935 Hygrometer and Statistical Analyses
Shang Qiongzheng, Luan Ti
1999, 0(S1): 153-156.
Abstract PDF
The First Light of Beijing Infra-Red Array Camera
Wang Gang
1999, 0(S1): 157-157.
Abstract PDF
New Aspects of Extragalactic Globular Clusters
Myung Gyoon Lee
1999, 0(S1): 158-164.
Abstract PDF
A Large-Scale Survey for Extremely Cold Young Stellar Objects in the Galaxy
Yang Ji, Jiang Zhibo, Wang Min, Wang Hongchi, Hiroshi Kimura
1999, 0(S1): 165-173.
Abstract PDF
Magnetic and Velocity Fields in Flare Regions
Li Wei
1999, 0(S1): 174-180.
Abstract PDF
Census of Kuiper Comets-the TAOS Project
Wen Ping Chen
1999, 0(S1): 181-188.
Abstract PDF
Molecules in the Atmospheres of Giant Planets and Comets
Sang Joon Kim
1999, 0(S1): 189-195.
Abstract PDF
The Nature of Lyman-Break Galaxies
Shu Chenggang, Yin Xiao
1999, 0(S1): 196-203.
Abstract PDF
First Neutral Atomic Hydrogen Images of Quasar Host Galaxies
Jeremy Lim, Paul T. P. Ho
1999, 0(S1): 204-208.
Abstract PDF
BL Lac Objects and Unified Model
Fan J. H.
1999, 0(S1): 209-211.
Abstract PDF
Photometric Survey of Galactic Open Clusters
M. G. Lee, H. B. Ann, M. Y. Chun, S. L. Kim, Y. B. Jeon, B. G. Park, I. S. Yuk, H. Sung
1999, 0(S1): 212-216.
Abstract PDF
The Channel Maps and the Position-Velocity Diagrams of Multi-core Structure of Cepheus C
Yu Zhi yao, Jiang Dong rong, Fukui Y., Nag ahama T.
1999, 0(S1): 217-220.
Abstract PDF
On the Period Variations of Short Period Pulsating Variables
Jiang Shiyang, Chay an Boonyarak
1999, 0(S1): 221-226.
Abstract PDF
An Orbital Period Study of the Contact Binary CK Bootis
Qian Shengbang
1999, 0(S1): 227-230.
Abstract PDF
Galactic Kinematics Derived From Hipparcos Proper Motions
Zhu Zi
1999, 0(S1): 231-234.
Abstract PDF
The Lembang's Photographic Observations on Sirius
D. M. D. Jasinta
1999, 0(S1): 235-238.
Abstract PDF
The ISO-SWS Spectrum of IRAS 03313+6058-an Extreme C-rich star
Jiang B. W.
1999, 0(S1): 239-243.
Abstract PDF
The Study of Metallicity Indices
Nobunari Itoh, Yasushi Yadoumaru, Yoshikaze Nakada, Hiroyuki Mito
1999, 0(S1): 244-248.
Abstract PDF
The Physical Nature of H2CO Clouds in Dark Clouds, B5 and L1535
Y. K. Minn, Y. B. Lee
1999, 0(S1): 249-253.
Abstract PDF
Lunar Occultations Observed in Japan and Lunar Limb Profiles Derived
Mitsuru S?ma
1999, 0(S1): 254-258.
Abstract PDF
The Distances of Subclusters in the Virgo Area
Shao Z. Y.
1999, 0(S1): 259-262.
Abstract PDF
Recent Developement and Scientific Results with RainbowArray
Momose Munetake
1999, 0(S1): 263-267.
Abstract PDF
A Two-Dimensional Brightness Distribution of the Visible Zodiacal Light
S. M. Kwon, S. S. Hong, J. L. Weinberg
1999, 0(S1): 268-272.
Abstract PDF
The Effects of Magnetic Fields on Swing Amplifier
Chih Kang Chou, Kuo Ming Wang
1999, 0(S1): 273-277.
Abstract PDF
Solar Stokes Spectrum Observation at Yunnan Astronomical Observatory
Qu Z. Q., Chen X. K., Zhang X. Y., Gu X. M., Feng Y. M., Zhong S. H.
1999, 0(S1): 278-281.
Abstract PDF
Useful Science with 1m Class Telescopes
A. Vazdekis, J. Gorg as, J. Cenarro, N. Cardiel, R. Peletier, F. Prada
1999, 0(S1): 282-286.
Abstract PDF
Bulge Morphology of Disk Galaxies
H. B. Ann
1999, 0(S1): 287-292.
Abstract PDF
Instabilities in a Self-Gravitating Magnetized Gas Disk
S. M. Lee, S. S. Hong
1999, 0(S1): 293-297.
Abstract PDF
VIBI Observations of Two Quasars at 1.3cm
Su Bumei, Li Yongsheng, Braath L. B.
1999, 0(S1): 298-303.
Abstract PDF
Observations of Ultraluminous IRAS Galaxies at 20cm
Li Yongsheng, Su Bumei, Norris R. P.
1999, 0(S1): 304-307.
Abstract PDF
The Massive Black Hole at the Center of NGC 4151
Su C. Y.
1999, 0(S1): 308-310.
Abstract PDF
High X-Ray-to-Optical Flux Ratio Sources From RASS
Xu D. W, Wei J. Y, Dong X. Y, Hu J. Y
1999, 0(S1): 311-313.
Abstract PDF
Is There a Link Between Emission-Line Widths and X-Ray Continuum Slopes in Narrow Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies?
Xu D. W.
1999, 0(S1): 314-317.
Abstract PDF
Follow-Up Spectroscopy of Supernovae at Bisei Astronomical Observatory
Kazuya Ayani
1999, 0(S1): 318-322.
Abstract PDF
The Blue Stragglers and the Integrated Spectral Energy Distribution of Single Stellar Populations
Deng L.
1999, 0(S1): 323-326.
Abstract PDF
The Absolute Proper Motion of M3 and Its Galactic Orbit
Wu Zhenyu, Wang jiaji
1999, 0(S1): 327-331.
Abstract PDF
Shell Star 48 Lib: Its Spectrum Observations and Calculations
Zhao D. F.
1999, 0(S1): 332-337.
Abstract PDF
OH/IR Stars with Carbon-rich Envelope
Chen P. S., Wang X. H., He J. H.
1999, 0(S1): 338-342.
Abstract PDF
Infrared Low-Resolution Spectra of HAEBE Stars
Chen P. S., Wang X. H., He J. H.
1999, 0(S1): 343-347.
Abstract PDF
Aperture Synthesis C18O(1-0)Observations of L1551 IRS5
Momose Munetake, Ohashi Nagayoshi, Kawabe Ryohei &Nakano Takenori, Hayashi Masahiko
1999, 0(S1): 348-352.
Abstract PDF
〔CII〕Continuum Intensity Ratio in the Far-Infrared Toward the Central Kiloparsec of the Nearby Spiral Galaxy M31
Kenji Mochizuki
1999, 0(S1): 353-356.
Abstract PDF
115GHz CO Emission from the IRAS Selected Star-Formation Regions
Fu Haowen, Su Bumei, Li Yongsheng
1999, 0(S1): 357-361.
Abstract PDF
Stellar SiO 86GHz Maser Observations of IRAS Point Sources
Fu Haowen, Su Bumei, Li Yongsheng, Ji Kaifan
1999, 0(S1): 362-366.
Abstract PDF
The Spectrum Analysis of Three Chromospherically Active Binary Stars
Gu Shenghong, Tan Huisong, Liu Xuefu
1999, 0(S1): 367-371.
Abstract PDF
Changes of the Period and the Light Curves of the Contact Binary V1073 Cygni
Yang Yulan, Liu Qingyao
1999, 0(S1): 372-376.
Abstract PDF
About the O'Connell Effect of a Close Binary
Liu Qingyao, Yang Yulan
1999, 0(S1): 377-381.
Abstract PDF
Physical Properties of an Eclipsing Binary System, YY Eridani
Boonrucksar Soonthornthum, Sumith Niparugs, Aniwat Sooksawat, Wim Nhuerpeng
1999, 0(S1): 382-385.
Abstract PDF
CCD Time-Resolved Photometry of Four Newly Discovered CVs
Liu W, Hu J. Y.
1999, 0(S1): 386-390.
Abstract PDF
The Characteristics of the X-ray Flares (1-8, GOES) of the Different Classes and Their Variations in Two Cycles of Solar Activity
Sotnikova R. T
1999, 0(S1): 391-395.
Abstract PDF
Observational Evidence for Solar Radio Microflares with Unusual Characteristics
Xie R. X., Wang M.
1999, 0(S1): 396-399.
Abstract PDF
Model of Spectral Fluxes for Solar Spectrograph
Cao Wenda, Song Qian
1999, 0(S1): 400-404.
Abstract PDF
Problems of Meterwave Spikes
Cao Ying, Liu Xiao, Chen Jingy ing, Xia Zhiguo, Wang Min
1999, 0(S1): 405-408.
Abstract PDF
Observations and Research on the Solar Radio Spectrum at Yunnan Observatory
Xia Zhiguo, Cao Ying, Chen Jingying, Li Weihua, Jin Zhenyu, Wang Shubao, Liu Xiao, Wang Min
1999, 0(S1): 409-412.
Abstract PDF
A Computation on Velocity Field of the Post-flare Loop System of August 17, 1989
Gu Xiaoma, Dun Jinping, Zhong Shuhua
1999, 0(S1): 413-417.
Abstract PDF
Evolution of Vertical Electric Currents and Flares in An Active Region
Li Wei, Ai Guoxiang
1999, 0(S1): 418-422.
Abstract PDF
Magnetic Loop Oscillation Associated with a Large Type-Ⅳμ Burst and Millisecond Spike Emission
Chen Xiaojuan, Ji Shuchen
1999, 0(S1): 423-426.
Abstract PDF
Observations of Microwave Ultra-Fast Absorption Phenomena Above Solar Active Region
Chen Xiajuan, Ji Shuchen
1999, 0(S1): 427-431.
Abstract PDF
The Chiralities of Three Filaments in AR7500
Jiang Yunchun, Luan Di, Lin Ganghua, Wang Jingxiu
1999, 0(S1): 432-436.
Abstract PDF
Observation and Research on the Twisting Characteristics of Flare Loop System
Li Rufeng, Bi Shaolan, Dun Jinping
1999, 0(S1): 437-440.
Abstract PDF
Vector Magnetograph Observations by the Solar Flare Telescope at Boao
Y. D. Park, Y. J. Moon, H. S. Yun
1999, 0(S1): 441-445.
Abstract PDF
Features of the Solar Active Cycles
Li Kejun
1999, 0(S1): 446-450.
Abstract PDF
Gyrosynchrotron Process of a Rare Large Type-Ⅳμ Burst Associated with Coronal Mass Ejection
Ji Shuchen, Chen Xiaojuan
1999, 0(S1): 451-455.
Abstract PDF
Some Characteristic Parameters of the Basic Components of the Solar Radio Emission
Ji Shuchen
1999, 0(S1): 456-459.
Abstract PDF
Microwave Millisecond Spikes on July 30, 1997
Wang M., Xie R. X.
1999, 0(S1): 460-465.
Abstract PDF
The Near-Nuclear Study of Comet Hale Bopp
Tao Jun, Qian Bochen, Gu Mingfeng, Tang Yuan, Song Baojun
1999, 0(S1): 466-469.
Abstract PDF
Observations of the 1988 Leonids at Gaomeigu
Wu Guangjie, Zhang Zhousheng
1999, 0(S1): 470-474.
Abstract PDF
A Possible Interpretation to Venusian Rotation Evolution
1999, 0(S1): 475-479.
Abstract PDF
The Study of Excitation of the Earthquake to Earth's Rotation
1999, 0(S1): 480-483.
Abstract PDF

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